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How to Use CBT to Change Your Life

Apr 26, 2019

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that encourages us to step back from what’s going on in our minds and to learn to detach ourselves from it. We’re not trying to silence our thoughts but rather we’re trying to just change the way that we respond to them. Know that your negative emotions are not who you are – they are temporary and they will pass.

But you can take mindfulness even further than this when you combine it with CBT. CBT stands for ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’ and one of the biggest parts of this therapeutic approach is something called ‘cognitive restructuring’. Simply, cognitive restructuring means changing the way that you think in order to be healthier, more adapted and even more focussed and productive. This creates a two step process: we use CBT in order to identify our thoughts and become familiar with them and then we use cognitive restructuring in order to then change them. But how does one go about this?

There are actually a few methods.

1. Thought Challenging

The first step is something called thought challenging. The idea here is to look at the thoughts and beliefs you have and then to challenge those to find out if you should really believe them or not.

So for example, if you are afraid of public speaking, you might find that it’s because you believe you’re likely to stutter and that if you do stutter, people will laugh at you. So now your objective is to challenge those thoughts and identify if they’re valid concerns or not. How likely are those things to happen? Could you cope if they did?

In this particular case, what you would hopefully realize is that most people are kind enough that they won’t laugh at you if you stutter. Instead, they’ll be more likely to just listen politely until you finish! Likewise, you’ll realize that it doesn’t really matter what strangers think who you’re never going to have to see again most likely…

2. Hypothesis Testing

The next stage is ‘hypothesis testing’. This is similar to thought challenging except we’re stepping things up a notch. How? By actually testing the theory and seeing if it’s founded in reality. So instead of just challenging the thought, we’re actually going to see if it holds up.

So if you’re afraid of public speaking because you think that you might ‘choke’ and people will laugh at you, then what you need to do is to go up on the stage and perfectly not say anything. You’ll find this is incredibly awkward but what you’ll also find is that no one laughs and nothing bad comes of it. You’ve tested the hypothesis and found that it’s untrue. The worst case scenario really isn’t that bad!

There are other tools you can use in CBT too. These include the likes of reassociation and other strategies borrowed from behaviorism. Ultimately though, these two methods are the cornerstones of what makes this method work.

Never Stop Learning and Never Stop Growing as a Person

Making a commitment to personal development is definitely a worthwhile investment of your time and resources. Growing as a person doesn’t require a formal education or spending a lot of money on workshops by well-known experts. There are tons of ways to expand your mind and to become a more fulfilled person. The benefits of which are immense. Keep reading the information below if you want to know why you should never stop learning and never stop growing as a person.

Avoid Boredom

Boredom is one of the biggest contributors to the feeling of being stuck in a rut. Being bored is a symptom of a mind that is not fully engaged, and it can lead to complacency. The longer you remain unexcited about the life you’re living, the harder it can become to motivate yourself to look for ways to change. Instead, look for ways to stretch your comfort zone. Make a list of ways to do this. It can include new topics or skills you’d like to learn, types of people you’d be interested to meet, experiences that would delight you or something as simple as a different kind of food you want to try. Your list should include baby steps and large leaps. Start with the small stuff and work your way to bigger things or mix it up as the mood strikes.

Expand Your Life

By remaining stuck in a rut, you’re limiting yourself. You’re missing out on new experiences, satisfying relationships and career fulfillment. Taking time to learn something about a topic of interest or about yourself expands your life through knowledge and opportunity. Each item you place on the list of steps you take toward self-growth adds a little more to your world. Perhaps it’s a new skill that can open up exciting job prospects or maybe it’s an encounter with a person who may become a trusted friend. It could also be an idea or concept that was previously unknown to you, but which could transform your entire belief system. You never know what wonderful things are out there if you choose to remain where you are.

Increase Creativity

Your creativity can become stagnant, even if you’re a person who likes to create such as an artist, singer, crafter or writer. Sometimes we simply find our creative outlets take a back burner while we are focused on other aspects of life. That’s fine, but it can be incredibly difficult to find your way back to creativity again when it’s been absent for a while. Even if creating has never been at the top of your list, you can benefit from a adding a spark of imagination to your life. Setting aside specific time to read books or take classes on some form of artistry can inspire renewed interest in you. Simply deciding to add some new recipes to your usual menu choices can be enough to inspire a change in your outlook.

Make Priorities

As you begin to explore various topics of personal development, you may start to notice that your priorities shift. Something in your exploration is likely to strike a chord and excite you enough that you want to dedicate more of your time to learning about it. This means you will be forced to step out of your current routine in order to make time for your new interest. This simple action can be the catalyst for additional changes to come.

Gain Happiness

Through your exposure to novel ideas and information, you are bound to come across experiences, people and, hopefully, passions that may shift your worldview. You may begin to appreciate nonmaterial things more and begin to focus on the joy that comes from such riches. These are the things happiness is made of.

Continuous learning and growing can provide you with multitudes of benefits. These are just a handful. Hopefully, you now have the motivation to commit yourself to your own journey of self-discovery.

When You Give, You Succeed

Apr 12, 2019

A very powerful act one can do in order to attract success and create an abundant life is to realize and acknowledge “the power of giving”, by way of giving unconditionally. It is a tremendously intense force magnetizing in you and your life; it will instantaneously take place at the mental, physical and spiritual platform of existence.

Universal laws

The universal laws that are in control over “giving and receiving” are spiritual as well as it is scientific.

Spiritual, that of whatever one will sow so those will he reap. Scientific, that of Isaac Newton’s motion theory which affirms that for each action there will always be an equal or opposite response or reaction. Meaning to say, when these laws will be implemented into one’s daily life, one attracts and creates the abundance or success which he/she desires.

Most individuals often associate giving, as about offering money. Although donating in terms of money comprises a great component, always know that the meaning of giving extends beyond money. When one thinks of giving in monetary terms, then one falls to the sentiment of scarcity, with the thought of what he has to give. The very act of sharing challenges directly one’s crooked beliefs and perceptions about inadequacy.

Giving is a power

Giving is a power which stems from a very selfless act, that of simply giving from the heart. Wherein the act is not at all connected to any special occasion, such as Christmas, a birthday or any holiday celebration, rather it is “anytime”, primarily for one reason that is wanting to share what it is that you have, showing your gratitude and showing how you actually care. There must be no other reason behind it. Keep in mind that you do not give because you expect nothing in return.

Giving from your heart signals positive reactions to the universe, ignites your inner powers and sends out positive energy that will be picked up by others; this message that you transmit results in positive reactions that you will also pick up in time.

The response will be very overwhelming, often, as if thousands of helping hands come to offer help and stay with you in times when you need help, even without asking. Things will definitely fall into the proper place, because those that willingly give will get back what they had given a thousand fold.

This simple act of sharing

This simple act of sharing unconditionally with full understanding and recognition that one has plenty and trust that he/she will continually have sufficient supply of all his needs produces a bond or connection between him and his higher power, universe, spirit, God or whoever one considers his higher supreme authority that is over him.

That connection is called trust in that higher power, which one declares that he, will always have plentiful, more than his needs and more to share with others, mainly because he trusts God.

One will earn the love and respect of the recipients of his act. One is always confident that there will always be someone who will protect and help him because of their gratitude, because humans will always have that need and impulse to give back any act of compassion that one has demonstrated.

Keep in mind though that, this does not imply that you should expect those that you have helped to do something for you in return. Just share and do not worry about the rewards. Give and share primarily because you feel a great source of happiness by doing it. The universe, that superior outside force will bring you back so many blessings at the right time, in its unique way, beyond your understanding.

The very act of sharing and giving will summon joy’s spirit to fill your heart. That feeling of overwhelming joy you experience when you have helped someone, when that someone thanked you, that itself is already true success. Likewise, giving is a very healthy habit. It can prolong life when one feels that sense of inner accomplishment and peace.

Let fear and selfishness not be your source for giving. Always give from the heart and be aware of the little miracles that will start to arrive instantaneously.

Human nature

Giving is truly a part of one’s human nature. That is the reason why when one does it one finds fulfillment and joy, as well as attracting so much blessings that can truly lead to success in all forms.

Success Begins In The Mind

Apr 11, 2019

Success is characterized in various forms, also has many meanings depending on what one is seeking for in his life, relationship and career. To athletes, success can mean obtaining that gold medal, to parents’ success can mean raising children with good moral values, to doctors, success can mean saving a life and to some it can mean a job promotion or acquiring wealth. It actually depends on one’s perspective of the life that one has. Understanding and success perceptions are as abundant as there are stars in the sky.

One apparent thing about success is that every individual has to determine the true meaning of success in his own life. The one’s who walk through life making an attempt to accomplish “success” through someone else’s standards or through the standards of one’s society will continuously be lacking of that successful feeling.

The modern dictionary defines success as that certain measure or degree of achievement or accomplishment or as a desirable and favorable outcome.

One should make a decision on what one truly wants that can offer a desirable or favorable outcome that must be in each aspect of one’s life. To accomplish success, one has to set realistic goals for his life, meaning goals that can be achieved. One should measure success as to how close one comes to accomplishing one’s goals that one has set for himself based on one’s skills and abilities.

Subconscious mind

Know that one’s “subconscious mind” is a very incredible and powerful tool that one has yet to improve and utilize it wisely to its complete capacity, to accomplish success.

To fully understand how powerful and encouraging your “subconscious mind” can be, you should understand first and recognize that there really is no “coincidence”, that nothing in life occurs just by chance. Meaning, nothing is predestined, that you have the power to control your life, to control your success and your failure.

Events or incidents in life can be maneuvered or controlled to resolve one’s problems. You have the power to change certain aspects of your life that you are not contented with.

Whereas there is no disagreeing to the actuality that one can not at all times acquire what he wants, it is likewise true that one can utilize one’s natural power over events of one’s life and cause things to move on one’s desired direction more “frequently”.

Expectation, belief and desire

Expectation, belief and desire are three powerful forces that can help one do so. Before anything that one wishes for to occur can happen, one must desire for it to happen, should believe deeply that it will happen and one should expect that it will happen.

The “subconscious mind” generates all things in one’s life that is on the information and messages one sends to it. One is continuously and regularly sending the mind information and messages and most information sent are useless or that they are negative information functioning against you. This is why things never recuperate regardless of your efforts to make it succeed.

It will be truly difficult to follow any success level if you are not specific and clear regarding what you believe is attainable for yourself. It is then extremely significant assess and gauge your actions, thoughts and motives as you partake your daily life. You should gain understanding and knowledge of where you are and what are you doing wrong as well as what you are doing right. Subsequently you should be ready to change for the better when and as it is needed.

Beliefs, thoughts and actions

Always remember that whatever you display in your beliefs, thoughts and actions are sent to the “subconscious mind”.

So be very careful of your thoughts, beliefs and actions, as they are great influences to your success. Note that if you worry constantly about not acquiring enough finances, then you will really not acquire enough; thinking that you do not have the capability to accomplish your goals, then you will never achieve any; thinking that there not enough open opportunities, then there will never be.

Why? Simply because the “subconscious mind” is constantly working on those information that you have sent and a “negative information” results to nothing but “negative reality”.

When you do accomplish your goal, stop a while and relish that certain satisfaction and pleasure of achieving a goal. Great or small, it is success; a beginning of that life that you want for yourself!